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A U N Mask Case

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In these days, we are in the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. We are in an unexpected situation. Fear awakens people to do many things for themselves. Many people make a fabric mask [non-medical mask], alcohol-based hand rub, and face shield to protect against infectious respiratory droplets, viruses, dust and other impurities.

The question from A U N at this time is…

Have we done anything for the best protection?

Nowadays, we wear a fabric mask or medical mask every day and carry them all the time.

Have we ever thought that?

When we take off the face mask to eat or drink even when we want to take it off to take a breath during the day, then where should it be placed?

Hanging on the neck or ear?

Or pin it to the shirt’s button?

Or should we put it on the table?

Or …

If we keep the face mask badly or put it on the wrong place. May cause the possibility of contamination of the COVID-19 virus and germs.


A U N mask case using to store the fabric masks or medical masks in a variety of sizes and styles, to prevent dust, germs and various impurities during the day. A U N mask case can keep the mask completely and reduce the exposure of areas that are chance to be contaminated with pathogens.

The design of the A U N Mask Case collection is based on the weave technique in Thai handcrafted wickerwork. It is made of PVC[PolyVinyl Chloride] sheet without button or velcro or zipper. This sheet is turned into a mask case by easy folding and weaving it. Moreover, the PVC sheet is very easy to clean by alcohol spray wiping or even wash with soap and water.


A U N Mask Case available in one size for all pattern of the fabric masks or medical masks[except Cup-Shaped N95 mask]. It is available in 5 colors, opaque white, opaque black and 3 fluorescent colors. Because of light weight, it can be put in a pocket or hang around the neck or wrist.

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