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NAVANA Nature Escape l 2018

[Masterplan & Landscape]

Hotel & Resort

NAVANA Nature Escape

Project Location: Naklua 10, Pattaya, Thailand

Client: Maxma Union Co.,Ltd.

Completion Year: 2018

Gross Built Area (m²): 7,536 sq.m

Land Area (m²): 15,048 sq.m


Located by the ocean and surrounded by beautiful greenery and the traditional fisherman’s village in the north of Pattaya, NAVANA Nature Escape offers an alternative impression of a peaceful hidden gem for clienteles. NAVANA is formed by the combination of two words Nava + Nirvana. While Nava(Thai word) means a boat, Nirvana defines heaven or a peaceful place. Nirvana is also the final goal of Buddhism, to be released from suffering. NAVANA thus represents “a peaceful coast with a view of boats”.


First time when get into the site, the visible scene look like somewhere extremely far from the famous Pattaya beach. What caught the sight is the original nature beach of Pattaya, the abundant existing nature, the gigantic trees, the atmosphere of fisherman village, the old fishing pier, the local fishing boat and the stunned view of some villagers get the clam in their local ways while the beach is full of seagrass and purple dots of beach morning glory flower. This tranquil and unbelievable place is hideaway only 10 minutes from the center of Pattaya which is full of chaos, high density of buildings and flashy entertainment.


Set within 3.7 acres, The concept is to integrate and reflect the existing fruitful nature and local context. The master plan is designed to leave Pattaya’s busy lifestyles outside and keep the calm and nature within. Trees are all preserved with an ecological emphasis to protect 75% of the green spaces. While the resort concept pairs itself with natures, it offers 3 buildings hosting 60 rooms and 11 private villa experiences. Small numbers of guest rooms make the ratio per greenery impressively outstanding, achieving the combination of nature and architecture altogether.


Since there are many existing trees scattered all the area. Placing a building plan without having to cut the tree down is a challenged important issue. A U N Design Studio selects a TWIST layout plan in order to harmonious with the existing environment as much as possible by located buildings facing the sea, some low-rise buildings twisted to enclose the large existing Pho tree. The exclusive villa is 1-2 stories high, designed under the shade of extremely large existing Banyan tree to create customers privacy.


Not only a large swimming pool and kid pool provided at the central area but all area including walkway designed to be free-form shape in order to meander the shape of trees and shrubs. Including color tone and material selection for landscape architecture, architecture and interior such as brown, indigo, rope and wood aim to make this place peaceful, unique and relax with charming nature here.

A U N NAVANA 1.jpg
A U N NAVANA 5.jpg
A U N NAVANA 7.jpg
A U N NAVANA 8.jpg
A U N NAVANA 9.jpg
NAVANA L-07.jpg
NAVANA L-12.jpg
A U N NAVANA 6.jpg
NAVANA L-13.jpg

Services: Masterplan & Landscape Planning, Creative Concept, Architectural Design,Interior Design, Lighting Design, Engineering


Landscape Master Plan: A U N Design Studio & Chaiyasit-Nalinbutkham

Landscape Planning: A U N Design Studio & Chaiyasit-Nalinbutkham

Landscape Developed: Vista pagoda

Creative Concept [MEEN restaurant, SKY Lobby bar]: A U N Design Studio

Architectural Design: A U N Design Studio

Interior Design [MEEN restaurant, SKY Lobby bar]: A U N Design Studio

Interior [Rooms] Planning: A U N Design Studio

Interior [Rooms] Developed: Lalida & Co Lighting Design: Assoc.Phanchalath Suriyothin & Verapong Eawpanich

Structural Engineer: Sitichoke Sirivivat

Mechanical Engineer: Ronnachai Sirithanarattanakul

Electrical Engineer: Ekkasit Ruksakulkiatti

Photo Credits: Wison Tungthunya & W Workspace


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