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SOLO Warehouse l 2015

Warehouse & Factory

SOLO Warehouse

Project Location: Poochaosamingprai, Samutprakarn, Thailand

Completion Year: 2015

Honor & Award: 

Winner [Architecture] - German Design Award 2020 l SOLO Warehouse

A U N Design Studio renovated a 30 years old factory to be warehouse and had the idea to show the brand identity of SOLO which the LOCK are the main product. The LOCK was interpreted to LOCK & INTERLOCK which represented the 3-dimensional pattern of the façade. The skin was aluminum composite since it can be cut and fold as the design, with lightweight the composite would not impact the structure of the old building. Moreover, the opened joint system prevent the skin from stain and reduce wind load.

SOLO Warehouse -01.jpg
AUN SoloWarehouse 2.jpg
AUN SoloWarehouse 3.jpg
AUN SoloWarehouse 4.jpg
AUN SoloWarehouse 5.jpg
AUN SoloWarehouse 7.jpg
AUN SoloWarehouse 9.jpg
AUN SoloWarehouse 10.jpg
AUN SoloWarehouse 11.jpg
AUN SoloWarehouse 12.jpg
AUN SoloWarehouse 6.jpg
AUN SoloWarehouse 8.jpg
AUN SoloWarehouse 22.jpg

Services: Creative Concept, Architectural Design, Lighting Design, Engineering


Creative Concept: A U N Design Studio

Architectural Design: A U N Design Studio

Lighting Design: Assoc.Phanchalath Suriyothin & Verapong Eawpanich

Structural Engineer: Sitichoke Sirivivat

Mechanical Engineer: Ronnachai Sirithanarattanakul

Electrical Engineer: Ekkasit Ruksakulkiatti

Photo Credits: Wison Tungthunya & W Workspace


[Published on Feb 3, 2017]

: Alucobond Global Calendar 2016

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