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WONJIN Aesthetic Surgery Gallery Clinic l 2018


WONJIN Aesthetic Surgery Gallery Clinic

Project location: 10th floor, GAYSORN VILLAGE, Ratchaprasong  District, Bangkok, Thailand

Client: WONJIN Beauty Medical Group (Thailand)

Completion Year:  2018

Gross Built Area (m²): 1,185 sq.m

Honor & Awards

: Popular Choice Winner - Architizer A+Awards 2020 l WONJIN 

: Nominee [Healthcare Centre of the Year] - Frame Awards 2020 l WONJIN 

Popular Choice Winner - Architizer A+Awards 2020 l WONJIN 

Today cosmetic surgery is considered more than just a cure of beauty and desire. It is transformed into an aesthetically procedure sculpting a piece of art onto a human body. Consequently, at WONJIN clinic, the design team targets the impression of a studio and surgery gallery.

WONJIN Aesthetic Surgery Gallery Clinic is the Korean leading cosmetic surgery clinic that is redefining beauty by creating the perfect symmetrical balance with a harmony form. As a part of WONJIN Medical Group [Thailand], WONJIN Aesthetic Surgery Gallery Clinic is composed of Thai investors and a world leading surgery of Korea. WONJIN strength and uniqueness is the articulation in the process of the surgery procedure with specialization in cosmetic surgery measuring and detailing up to a millimeter. Balancing between the nature of human body and healthcare technology is the key feature of WONJIN’s special care for each patient.

WONJIN is designed to differ from other cosmetic institutions with functional space articulation as “a Studio and Gallery for the Beauty Surgery”  to communicate the human body with potential cosmetic surgery procedures. Famous Thai contemporary sculpture artists and photographer artists worked in close collaboration with doctors and designers to tell a story of beauty evidence through cosmetic surgery, titled: “Art, Beauty & Surgery”.

The design of the WONJIN environment is carefully innovated from the concept of ‘Symmetrical Balance’ from beauty research. In the early 1990s, Newsweek used Denzel Washington as their primary example as perfection for beauty according to symmetry. According to the article ‘Biological Basis of the Perception of Beauty’. Research study describes ‘the Perfect Beauty’ can be seen in our face configuration if dividing it in half and two sides are identical. Symmetry in one's face is what makes one attractive. This symmetrical framework led to the layout design, space identity (i.e. logo, symbols, fonts), as well as curated artworks on site.

WONJIN covers 1,185 square meters on the 10th floor office building in Bangkok’s most central business district. Space includes a gallery hall, three waiting lounge zones for the public, patients before skin treatment, and patients before the surgery. Each zone is separate with an access control engineering system, consultation rooms, skin treatment rooms, preparation areas, recovery room, and the high standard of Class 10000 operating rooms.

Additionally, what make WONJIN distinguish from general clinics and hospitals is the priority concern with the health and safety standards which clearly define by each area with engineering systems. Materials used from floor, wall to ceiling, including compact laminate, conductive vinyl floor, carpet comply with the health environmental control. The indoor environmental quality is credited of 4.3 Low-Emitting Materials-Floor systems and Flame-retardant D Fire Defense Law in Japan Authorized.

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Services: Creative Concept, Interior Design, Lighting Design

Creative Concept: A U N Design Studio

Interior Design: A U N Design Studio

Lighting Design: Assoc.Phanchalath Suriyothin & Verapong Eawpanich

Graphic Designer: After.Design Studio

Engineering: GEO Design & Consultant Co.,Ltd.& Karjornpong Sutthisopha-arporn

Collaborators: Sculpture Artist by Dong Sculpture, Photographer Artist by Mr Tada Varich

Photo Credits: Wison Tungthunya & W Workspace


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